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Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Vol. 2: The Dark Secret

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  • First of all, I really have to thank the great and unique Christopher Lee for helping this beautiful and unique band! This gorgeous album begins with Lee’s narration, filled with much feeling… it really feels like a narration for The Lord Of The Rings!! Lee knows how to do it!!! When he quit talking, the choir begins to work!! Oh, GOD!!! What a terrific choir!! It’s GLORIOUS!! Sometimes, this album, is like a horror movie.

    Then, “Unholy Warcry” comes!! Great symphonic sounds!! Brute force!! And the terror-like choir!! Lione sings really good in this song! And the guitar solo ROCKS!!! This is a GREAT SONG, seriously.

    “Never Forgotten Heroes” is kind of a rhapsody that contains some parts from “Thunder’s Mighty Roar” (from the EP)and from “Wisdom Of The Kings” (SOEL I). Staropoli, the keyboardist, imporoves his style until it reaches to the very soul of the listener! The choir in this song, as in the whole album, is GREAT!!

    “Elgard’s Green Valleys” is a really short song that I’d call kind of an INTRO to “The magic Of The Wizard’s Dream”, which is a BEAUTIFUL balad, that begins with a heart-feel flute!

    “Erian’s Mystical Rhymes” is… OH!!!!!! For me, this song is the best from this band!!!! They had never made such a GLORIOUS and horror-movie-like song!! When you hear it, you’ll understand perfectly what I mean!! They passed through the limits of beauty with this one! This is, besides, the most symphonic in all the album!!

    “The Last Angel’s Call” is like a comedy made music!! It’s GREAT!! It’s filled with pure happiness and hope and it’s… yes, definitely a joke song!! You MIGHT listen to it!!

    “Dragonland’s River” is also a BEAUTIFUL balad!!! Well, really this band has the BEST ballads of all the metal bands’!!!! The Flute reaches the heart of the listener and the harpsichord and the vocalist fill it with hope and happiness… I can’t say why this band is capable of making the listener a happier person! But it does!

    “Sacred Power Of Raging Winds” is, like Erian’s Mystical Rhymes, kind of a mini rock-opera! This one begins with Christpher Lee acting like a Wizard that asks the power of the wind to help the heroes cross the mountains! REALLY GREAT!!! Lee KNOWS how to do it! And the, the guitar comes with a terror sound, completely filled with arrengements!!! This band is the best with the arrangements!!! In this song, besides, there’re FOUR MINUTES OF GLORIOUS INSTRUMENTAL POWER!! You have to listen to it!

    “Guardiani del Destino” is THE BEST RHAPSODY BALLAD!!! It’s not a ballad, perhaps… no… Is a medieval Empyrium-like song that will bring the listener back to the Middle Age! it’s REALLY VERY WELL DONE!! It’s gorgeous!!

    If think this album can’t go any darker… ha! Listen to “Shadows Of Death”, that begins with tryumphant trumpets and a dark and acid and heavy guitar riff!!!! This and the last song (“Nightfall on The Grey Mountain”, hte GRAND FINALE!!)are the darkest of the entire album!! And is filled with virtuosism and long solos! The best Heavy-Rock Rhapsody song!!

    “Nightfall on the Grey Mountain” Reminds of hope!! It’s the GRAND FINALE! It’s VERY DARK but, then it goes VERY TRYUMPHANT!! You have to listen to this one!! Words can’t descrbe it!

    Well, I can really swear you’re NOT going to be dissapointed if you purchase this album! If you are a Fan of symphonic Epic power Metal, you HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS BAND AND, EVEN MORE TO THIS ALBUM! :D

    Hope this review to be helpful
    PD: Sorry for writing such a long review

    Posted on February 21, 2010