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Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Vol. 2: The Dark Secret

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  • I have been listening to Rhapsody for about four years now and they are one of the few bands I can say I enjoy more today than I did yesterday. I’ve heard their songs hundreds of times yet only find them to get better and better with time. I, like many other Rhapsody fans, were greatly anticipating Rhapsody’s latest effort Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret. I knew before hearing a note that it would be amazing since this is Rhapsody afterall, however, I did not expect it to be just as wonderful and amazing as it is … a true surprise! Now that you have a little background information with my experience (and bias) with Rhapsody I will continue you on to the actual content of the album.

    Being called Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret it is natural to assume this album will sound something like the first Symphony Of Enchanted Lands album. The good news about this is, it does! However, please do not even begin to think this is some sort of lame carbon-copy of the first Symphony Of Enchanted Lands album … it certainly is far from it! Along with sounding something like the first Symphony album, you can also hear plenty of elements to the post-Symphony era albums such as the heavier guitars and the extensive use of choirs. As for the instrumentation, you will find a return to the frequent harpsichord use and even a return of the glorious organ … pure glorious splendor! :-D

    For the songs themselves, you can expect a good variety as you can on any Rhapsody release. You’ve got the fast numbers like Unholy Warcry and The Last Angels’ Call as well as your epics like Erian’s Mystical Rhymes and Sacred Power Of Raging Wings (as heard on The Dark Secret EP). I’d like to comment also on the two ballads: The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream and Guardiani Del Destino. I openly admit I’m a sucker for Rhapsody’s ballads and I believe these two are of their best. Although we’ve heard the English version of Guardiani Del Destino (Guardians Of Destiny) on The Dark Secret EP, the true beauty of the song comes out in the Italian version … have a Kleenex ready!

    Lyrically, of course, you can expect a continuation of the great saga Rhapsody has written into new and exciting depths as well as an incredible anticipation for the next album! ;-) I am also glad to say that Rhapsody has included some lyrics and passages here about the beauty of our glorious Mother Earth – I love it! :-)

    Basically, if you’re a Rhapsody fan you need this album. If you’re not, you should buy this album and become one! ;-) Enjoy it folks!

    Posted on February 21, 2010