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Symphony of Enchanted Lands

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  • This is the second album of a band that really deserves to be well-known. Some melodic metal performers are often blamed because they just try to impress people with their outstanding ability to play fast while they forget composition and feelings. With Rhapsdoy you get both ingredients, and at their best level. This is very good heavy metal with a strong classical influence. The instruments are incredibly diverse (violins, viola, cello, piano, accoustic and electric guitars, contra bass, harp, flute…) and finely orchestrated. While one heavy song and its powerful rythm will get you going, the other one will enchant your ear with its delicate medieval melodies. In my opinion the only small fly in the ointment lies in lyrics, which are a bit simple (dragons everywhere, holy swords, elves, magical keys…). But let’s face it anyway, they fit to this kind of music ! I highly recommend this album (as well as Legendary Tales, the first one which is also a masterpiece and I weigh my words) to anyone who likes metal and/or classical music. Pass on it only if you can’t bare heavy guitars or the heroic fantasy universe.

    Posted on March 8, 2010