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  • First of all- I have never written a review on Amazon, mostly due to my obscene laziness. However…after hearing this album today for the first time…I felt…required to write a review.

    This album is the greatest piece of musical composition I have heard in years. This is complete brilliance and is almost overwhelming in its grandeur. This is Devin Townsend’s masterpiece- if you have any appreciation for brilliant composing, second-to-none producing and soulfully moving layers of sheer sonic bliss- buy this album now. I don’t use the term ‘genius’ lightly, but Devin Townsend is truly a living musical legend- GET THIS ALBUM.

    This album should be lauched into outer space to show those aliens that humans know how to make the best music in the UNIVERSE.

    This album is sweeter than a hundred ninjas jamming on guitars after killing a thousand pirates.

    If YOU were a ninja- you would buy this album right now.

    Posted on February 17, 2010