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Synchronistic Wanderings

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  • If you’re looking for a “collection” of great female rock – this is a great place to start. “Synchronistic Wanderings” is a cumbersome 3-CD set with all the Pat you’ll ever need. Other collections such as, “All Fired Up” (1994) come in a close 2nd place, and “Best Shots” (1989) misses the boat. “Crimes Of Passion” and “In The Heat Of The Night” are classic Benatar and easily her strongest studio releases… and the best songs are well represented on “Synchronistic Wanderings”. However, a vast majority of Benatar’s other release are hit & miss. This is a great chronological view of her career from the 1970’s, thru the late 1990’s. All her classic stuff is here, “Heartbreaker”, “Treat Me Right”, “You Better Run”, “Love Is A Battlefield”, “Hell Is For Children”, “Precious Time”, “We Belong”, etc, and the more recent “Somebody’s Baby”. Benatar had 19 top 40 hits and 4 Grammy awards to her credit… this girl can rock & roll with style. The only female rockers from Benatar’s era I can put in the same boat are/were Blondie & Heart. Having seen the recent “VH1″ special on Pat Benatar made me dig these CD’s out of my collection. They still sound great today. Some great off-the-beaten-road tunes are here… “Please Come Home For Christmas”, “Crying”, “Rise – Part 1 & 2″, and “Run Between The Raindrops”. Only knock on this collection is that I wish the liner notes were as extensive as they are in the other 2-CD package of her best “All Fired Up”. Overall… excellent box set.

    Posted on March 10, 2010