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Synchronistic Wanderings

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  • Pat Benatar is, in my mind, the greatest female rock singer of all time. She had an amazing voice, was incredibly sexy, and made some great music. Up until now, my only introduction to her was the single disc “Greatest Hits” album released this past June. It had some amazing stuff on it. But I wanted more.

    So, I went searching through Amazon, and I found the three disc boxed set “Synchronistic Wanderings”. I saw it and went, “I got to get this”. And when I saw how cheap it was, I said, “I have to get this now.

    Well today, I finally found it. I popped it into my cd player. My thoughts? Read on for the practically inevitable positives and negatives.

    -Three discs filled with nothing but Pat! What more can you ask for? This cd has all the big hits, including “Heartbreak”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Hell Is For Children”, “Shadows Of The Night”, “Love Is A Battlefield”, “We Belong” and “Invincible” are all included.
    -Many underrated album cuts and rarities are incuded as well, including b – sides, demos and live performances.
    -Fantastic liner notes.
    -Great remastering job.
    -No edits! All songs are in their original length.
    -This set is CHEAP! I thought I had to shell out a good sixty or seventy dollars for it, but I got it for less than forty bucks. That is one offer you should not pass up.

    -While the remastering job is great overall, there are one or two songs that sound a little flat, namely “Ooh Ooh Song” and “Invincible. But other than that, everything sounds great.

    Overall, this is the best Pat Benatar compilation on the market. If you’re a casual or beginning fan, than this is the collection to own.

    Posted on March 10, 2010