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  • Metal On Metal Thumbnail Image

    Sophomore album, originally released in 1982, for Canadian speed metal pioneers. Ten tracks. Unidisc.

  • This Is Thirteen Thumbnail Image

    Official 2009 release of the 13th album from the Canadian Heavy Metal band featuring one bonus track: ’Thumb Hang’. The recording of this album is documented [...]

  • Forged in Fire Thumbnail Image

    CD reissue of the third album from the Canadian Speed Metal band, originally released in 1983. The band has maintained a respectable underground following for nearly [...]

  • Hard 'N' Heavy Thumbnail Image

    1982 debut album for Canadian speed metal pioneers. Ten tracks.

  • Halloween Party Thumbnail Image

    The joke’s starting to look a little worn around the edges. It’s facile to observe that the people who toss the phrase ”family values” around don’t [...]