High on Fire Metal Albums Directory[RSS]

  • Live at the Contamination Fest Thumbnail Image

    Captured at the legendary Relapse Contamination Festival in 2003, this record is a testament to the live juggernaut that IS HIGH ON FIRE! The band tears [...]

  • Death Is This Communion Thumbnail Image

    The almighty HIGH ON FIRE reemerge from the shadows to conquer the masses with their signature brand of brazen metal. Produced and recorded by Jack Endino [...]

  • Blessed Black Wings Thumbnail Image

    ”the apocalypse’s doomy, amp-destroying fifth horseman…galloping mammoth metal” – SPIN ”unbelievably heavy…massive crunching riffs and drums that slam like vault doors” – REVOLVER Massive power trio [...]

  • Surrounded by Thieves Thumbnail Image

    One wonders what Daredevil the superhero might make of Daredevil: The Album . Given his heightened sense of hearing, the costumed one would probably grab the volume control, [...]