Kreator Metal Albums Directory[RSS]

  • Pleasure to Kill Thumbnail Image

    Reissue of their 1984 classic with 1 bonus track – ’’Death Kiss’’ (demo). Roadrunner. 2007.

  • Extreme Aggression Thumbnail Image

    No Description AvailableNo Track Information Available Media Type: CDArtist: SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Title: HOW WILL I LAUGH TOMORROW WHEN Street Release Date: 09/13/1988<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: [...]

  • Coma of Souls Thumbnail Image

    2008 digitally remastered and expanded edition of this debut album from the New York-based Thrash metallers housed in a ’glow in the dark’ o-card. Originally released [...]

  • Terrible Certainty Thumbnail Image

    Hailed as the best Metal Album of 2007 by journalists and fans alike. The Blackening Special Edition features rare bonus tracks, over 2 hours of live [...]

  • Renewal Thumbnail Image

    Now remastered with added gut-wrenching bass, this debut album from Motorhead was cut in 1977 over a few speed-driven days at Escape Studio, and it shows. [...]

  • Violent Revolution Thumbnail Image

    In the sixteenth year of their career, Kreator continue to assert their long-standing position as spearheads of the German thrash metal scene. Kreator aren’t what you’d [...]

  • Enemy Of God Thumbnail Image

    As a highly respected household name in the metal community for over 20 years, the release of a new Kreator album is a true event. Having [...]

  • Hordes Of Chaos (Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD) Thumbnail Image

    Take cover! German thrash legends Kreator have returned with a true thrash metal masterpiece, Hordes of Chaos. Destined to further the incredible success they found on [...]

  • Outcast Thumbnail Image

    These Oakland-based purveyors of the extreme rose from the ashes of some of the most influential bands to ever come out of the underground – Grimple, [...]

  • Endless Pain Thumbnail Image

    1991 album by the German death/ thrash metal trio. 12 tracks.