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  • Live and Kicking Thumbnail Image

    Four studio albums, record sales of over 600,000, countless sold out tours, five top 20 singles and finally, a live CD/DVD that captures what it’s all [...]

  • Development Thumbnail Image

    It might appear unseemly for a fiftysomething singer to be praising the consumption of mas tequila . But this is Sammy Hagar we’re talking about, the overgrown beach boy [...]

  • Statement Thumbnail Image

    2002 release from Sweden’s In Flames, the band’s most superior and accessible album yet. The Iron Maiden of today! Fourteen songs of conscious insanity.

  • To the Pain Thumbnail Image

    Nonpoint has sold well over 400,000 records in the US and has a huge, dedicated, and ever growing fan base. Their unrelenting live shows have earned [...]

  • Recoil Thumbnail Image

    With nearly half a million in sales and tours with Linkin Park, Disturbed, Sevendust and The Deftones under their collective belts, Nonpoint is back harder and [...]