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  • From the Underground and Below Thumbnail Image

    Japanese edition of the metal veteran’s 1997 album withtheir cover of Deep Purple’s ’Space Truckin’’ added as abonus track. 11 tracks total. 1997 Victor release. The [...]

  • The Killing Kind Thumbnail Image

    Full title ’Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’. 1986 release for Scandinavian black metal act. Nine tracks including, ’Nocturnal Obeisance’, ’Massacre’, ’Woman of Dark Desires’ [...]

  • Taking Over Thumbnail Image

    These Oakland-based purveyors of the extreme rose from the ashes of some of the most influential bands to ever come out of the underground – Grimple, [...]

  • Kill Box 13 Thumbnail Image

    Their 13th album, the boys from Jersey have delivered a modern thrash metal masterpiece that succeeds in both stroking that seminal fire and moving the band [...]

  • Extended Versions Thumbnail Image

    There aren’t many bands who can still scare you after a quarter of a century. They either die, split or – worse – get all comfortable [...]

  • Coverkill Thumbnail Image

    Reissue of ’87 album. Remastered, with all the original artwork, lyrics and never-before-seen photos. Includes the bonus tracks ’InThe Chapel. In The Moonlight’ and ’The Inevitable [...]

  • Necroshine Thumbnail Image

    1999 offering from New York’s finest thrash metal outfit. 10 bad-ass tracks, including ’Let Us Prey’, ’Stone Cold Jesus’ and ’Forked Tongue Kiss’.

  • Bloodletting Thumbnail Image

    Vintage ’head Classics Enjoy an Epoch Enhancing Overhaul, Remastered and Expanded to Double Disc Status. Gathers Together all the Material Surrounding the Period of Each Release [...]

  • Fuck You and Then Some/Feel the Fire Thumbnail Image

    2009 sophomore album from the Hardcore outfit which will not disappoint even the most fickle Hardcore kid. FTFD plays some of the most brutal yet melodic [...]

  • From the Underground and Below/Necroshine Thumbnail Image

    German twofer combines the New York thrash quartet’s 1997 album, ’From The Underground & Below’, with 1999’s ’Necroshine’. Two standard jewel cases housed in a slipcase. [...]