Pat Benatar Metal Albums Directory[RSS]

  • Classic Masters Thumbnail Image

    If she had made her mark only through the garish video to ”Love Is a Battlefield,” Pat Benatar would still stand as a ’80s icon. Ah, [...]

  • Go Thumbnail Image

    Pat Benatar practically invented female empowerment in rock, so it’s a good to see she is back with her 17th album. Produced by her guitarist husband [...]

  • Wide Awake in Dreamland Thumbnail Image

    There were two essential qualities to the Cult’s music: Billy Duffy’s soaring guitar lines and Ian Astbury’s distinctive vocals. When that partnership dissolved in 1995, the [...]

  • Extended Versions: The Encore Collection Thumbnail Image

    Germany’s Helloween are undeniably one of the most influential heavy metal bands to emerge from Europe during the 1980s. By taking the harmonies and structure of [...]

  • Innamorata Thumbnail Image

    Music is a battlefield, and Benatar is a survivor with enough integrity not to coast on past glories. Here she and inamorato Neil Geraldo cowrite 11 [...]