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  • Red Fang Thumbnail Image

    Residing somewhere between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, Red Fang recall a time when rock was more urgent and a little horrifying. Synthesizing a variety of [...]

  • Prey for Eyes Thumbnail Image

    THE RED CHORD made a giant leap from their debut release Fused Together in Revolving Doors to 2005’s Clients, a leap that found the band moving [...]

  • 40 Oz. of Hardcore Thumbnail Image

    18 of the hard rockin’ American group’s best from the ’80s & ’90s all recorded live in concert in Japan. Includes ’Neverland’, ’Sister Christian’, ’(You Can [...]

  • Still Ignorant Live Thumbnail Image

    1997 live album for the thrash metal act that’s deleted domestically. Metal Blade Records.

  • Looks Fragile After All Thumbnail Image

    AUGUST BURNS RED’s debut full-length ’Thrillseeker’ sold over 30,000 copies since its release on Solid State Records, and with the release of their 2nd full [...]

  • El Cielo Thumbnail Image

    2009 release. For the last three years, Crooked X have been banging out their own brand of kick-ass Rock, inspired by greats such as Metallica, AC/DC [...]

  • End of Silence Thumbnail Image

    Deriving from a variety of influences such as Muse, Chevelle, Blindside and Linkin Park, Red brings a unique blend of heavy guitars, intense string arrangements and [...]