Roadrunner Records Metal Albums Directory[RSS]

  • Life Is Killing Me Thumbnail Image

    Still proving that gothic metal need be mordant and humorless, New York’s Type O returns with their sixth album of misanthropy, high drama and perversion with [...]

  • The Best of Annihilator Thumbnail Image

    Reissue of ’87 album. Remastered, with all the original artwork, lyrics and never-before-seen photos. Includes the bonus tracks ’InThe Chapel. In The Moonlight’ and ’The Inevitable [...]

  • Alive or Just Breathing Thumbnail Image

    Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the Heavy Metal icon’s 1995 album including bonus video content. . King Diamond is quite possibly the most recognizable and [...]

  • Digimortal Thumbnail Image

    Fear Factory’s 10 years of evolution has brought their art to a whole new level, making their newest creation one of 2001’s most anticipated albums. Limited [...]

  • Them/Conspiracy Thumbnail Image

    UK twofer combines two of the death metal act’s 80s albums, both with bonus tracks, ’Conspiracy’ (1989) includes ’At The Graves’ (Alternate Mix) & ’Cremation’ (Live [...]

  • The Eye Thumbnail Image

    Third album reveals the next step in the evolution of Static-X – a teaming with producer Josh Abraham (Staind, Limp Bizkit). Warner Brothers. 2003.

  • The Best of Sepultura Thumbnail Image

    This Collection spans the recording of SEPULTURA during this influential 10 year period from 86-96 , featuring tracks from 86Â’s MORBID VISIONS to the Gold Certified [...]

  • Consuming Impulse/Testimony of the Ancients Thumbnail Image

    UK twofer combines the Dutch death metaller’s 1989 albums, ’Consuming Impulse’ & ’Testimony Of The Ancients’, both are unavailable domestically. Roadrunner. 2003.

  • The Beginning Thumbnail Image

    Originally Release ’99. Return of the Originallyginal line-up of this ’80s speed metal band, their first with vocalist David Wayne in 12 years! 11 tracks. [...]

  • The End of Heartache Thumbnail Image

    1999 debut by hard-edged metal band featuring ex-Death members Chuck Schuldiner and Steve DiGiorgio, along with vocalist Tim Aymar. Compared to Death with cleaner, smoother vocals. [...]