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Take Cover

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  • Okay, I will admit, the first time I heard this the phrase, WTF?, went through my head. The first track, a cover of Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine, was brilliant. There is a lot of similarity between Queensryche’s sound and Pink Floyd’s sound, so this transition was pretty smooth. Then came Jesus Christ Superstar!?!? Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Peter Gabriel, Sting????

    This was daring, to say the least. However, the band did make the songs their own. It still sounds like Queensryche. So what happened was I kept going back to hear a particular song over again, and then let the CD play as I got involved in other things. After hearing the tracks a few times, they started to grow on me, to the point that this was the only CD I listened to for the next few days. Moral: don’t be to quick to push this disc aside. Give it time.

    I debated between giving this three stars and four stars, but given the general lackluster reviews, I thought I would give them the fourth star for daring to step outside their musical comfort zone. If you are a Queensryche fan, this is a must have.

    Posted on December 17, 2009