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Take Cover

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  • Well, since Styx, Rush, and Def Leppard released their tribute album of covers, I guess it was about time Queensryche did the same. I always find it interesting when bands do the cover thing. You never know what to expect and you always compare it to the original. If the original is outstanding and has been a radio staple it’s going to be pretty difficult to out do it. And this is probably the case here. While Queensryche might have wanted to give their fans something to listen to before their next new release of studio material in 2008, I wonder if it’s really worth it. Is this going to be on everyone’s playlist all the time? This suffers, as has their recordings since the departure of DeGarmo. DeGarmo just added something to the band and without him it is an uphill climb, to be sure. While there really aren’t any stand-out tracks on this, it’s just another collection of covers that you could probably do without unless you’re the die-hard Queensryche fan. Geoff Tate singing Freddie Mercury or Sting. Some songs just shouldn’t be touched, no matter how much they influenced you. I think Tribe was their best in the post DeGarmo era, but sometimes you have to wonder if the band actually even listens to what they’ve recorded before releasing it. Wait until this cd comes up used and, maybe, purchase it then, but in the meantime, hopefully the 2008 release will be better than Mindcrime II (a disastrous album).

    Posted on December 18, 2009