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Taken By Force

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No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: SCORPIONSTitle: TAKEN BY FORCEStreet Release Date: 10/29/2002<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: HEAVY METAL

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  • Any of you Scorp Heads from years gone by must remember the vinyl version of “Taken By Force” That had the full version of “The Sails Of Charon” with the psycadelic intro! Why has this version never made it to CD? I keep buying new versions of this CD hoping to find it. If anyone can help me with this please post!

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  • I always had LOVE AT FIRST STING from these guys and listened to that alot, but TAKEN BY FORCE really made me love this band, it was this album that showed me the genius of the Scorpions. TAKEN BY FORCE is my favorite hardrock album now, i’v had it for about a year and listen to it all the time. I really think that the 70’s Scorpions with Roth completely blows away the MTV scorpions of the 80’s, for one thing, the music was more complex with albums like VIRGIN KILLER and TAKEN BY FORCE and more sincere instead of the “love,sex,fun,get laid” foolishness of there “succsesful” 80’s albums. Every track is amazing, this album is a work of art and i can’t name favorites, but Uli’s guitar playing is unmatched, the greatest guitar player to ever walk the earth!

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  • Ahh, i love this one! This classic Scorpions album has always been one of my absolute favorites!I feel that this masterpiece has to be one of the best hard rock albums that never got any credit and is extremely underrated.

    The Scorpions fifth studio album is the darkhorse effort of their lofty back catalog of albums.Historically,this was the end of the first phase in the Scorps carrer in that it was their last outing with guitar wizard Ulrich Roth or better known as Uli Jon Roth.After this,Ulrich was gone for good and the band singed to Mercury records and started their string of commercial albums.This is the Scorpions at their artistic and experimental peak, never again would they delve into this kind of musical estacy displayed here.Uli Jon Roth must be heard to be belived,his guitar playing is absolute heavenly!I tell you, this guy could easily put Blackmore,Malmsteen,VanHalen or whoever to shame.The whole band on this album is exellent,Rudolf,Meine,Uli and Francis are firing on all cylinders.This is also the first album with Herman Rarebell on drums and he really adds that kick in the pant’s to the rhythm section.The album is definatly one of the most dark,moody,experimental things this band has ever attempted.

    A perfect song to kick off this album,has some great drumming and rhythm guitar which equals to one of their best songs.

    WE’LL BURN THE SKY 10/11
    The best Scorpions song ever! clocking in at around 6 minutes,this song has a mix of beautiful melodies and skullcrushing power all displayed by top notch musicianship.

    I’v GOT TO BE FREE 10/8
    A catchy song with some great rebellious lyrics.

    Acoustic guitar is used to great effect here.

    Maybe the best song on the album.even though they took out the first 45 seconds of the song which was on the vinly,it’s still lost non of it’s power. imagine Jimi Hendrix.

    YOUR LIGHT 10/10
    This one has a very moody begining part,overall a great song.

    HE’S A WOMAN-SHE’S A MAN 10/10
    The funniest song lyricaly.This one is one of the heavist songs the Scorps have done. Many younger bands like Helloween have covered this one.

    This song is a ballad that is very emotional and is the proto-type for future Scorpion ballads like “Still Lovin You” or “When The Smoke is Going Down”.

    Awesome! very funky drumming and muscular guitar playing.

    The best version of this song by far. The original was from Virgin Killer but this live version kills! Gotta love Uli’s singing!

    Many people think Virgin Killer is the best 70’s era album but i don’t think so at all. VK was great but i think this blows it out of the window completely!Taken By Force is just amazing to me! it’s everything that i love about the Scorpions and hardrock/metal music;powerful,beautiful,emotional and just sublime.I definatly suggest you give it a try if you are interested in this kind of music.If you want to hear some of the most beautiful singing,here it is! Klause Meine has to be the greatest singer on the planet, he is taking his high-pitched melodic german-acented vocals to the absolute maximum and most sensual on this album.This is almost art put to music, i wish they would do more songs from this album and some of their other early stuff at their shows.Fortuantly,Uli Roth countiued to make some amazing music after he left starting with is solo album Earthquake, while the Scorpions adopted a crunchier heavy metal style with the addition of Mattiahs Jabbs and briefly brother Micheal Schenker.I love all era’s of the Scorpions,they are my favorite band and it is interesting to see how they evolved over their 40 year carrer from their humble beginings in Hanover Germany.Their 72 debut Lonesome Crow all the way to 2005’s Unbreakable is really a remarkable run in musical evolution,let’s be honest, how many band’s have been around for 40 years and are still relevant today? My point exactly.

    The Scorpions are musical genius.

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  • .. in my opion atleast. Think about this for a moment, “Taken By Force” is sandwiched between two landmark albums which makes it hard for it to get any credability. “Virgin Killer” is considered by many fans the definative 70’s Scorps album while “LoveDrive” is very important historically in the Scorps career in which they embarked on the MTV route.

    I will admit this upfront, even though i am a fan, i never liked any of their 80’s MTV material too much. It was not that i thought it was bad, it’s not, the 80’s stuff is quite good actually, but it really never appealed to me the way the 70’s material did because it was just too generic and commerical sounding for my taste; simplified riffs and generic stupid lyrics about loving/missing/wanting to be with your “woman” and “rocking out”, almost every other song they wrote was about that. The lesson is that greed is a destructive force, it has the ability to completey ruin great bands (look at Metallica), for the Scorpions it meant abandoning creativity and artistic integrity for the almighty dollar, the damage has been done and can not be repaired, now you can hear “Rock You Like A Hurricane” at almost every sporting event around the country.

    This album was actauly the swan song for the meaningful and artistic Scorpions, it was the last album with Uli Jon Roth, who i feel was the creative nucleus of the Scorps of the old days. The songs are all pretty diverse; basic hard rock, metal, pyschadelic and beautiful ballads all inhabit this dark, moody work of art. It might throw some for a loop if they are only used to the 80’s Scorpions.

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  • And, frankly, that song is why I bought it. That the rest of the album is solid 70’s metal is icing on the cake. “Sails” is, quite simply, one of early metal’s crowning achievements, especially for Uli Roth’s disciplined yet mind-blowing guitar solo during the intro. Blackmore has NOTHING on this guy. Further, it’s rhythm track is surprisingly funky, if you can buy that without hearing it. Trust me.

    With the exception of a few tracks on “Blackout,” I’m not much of a Scorps fan, but this album is really great, in its idiom. And, seriously, if you want to hear some of the finest hard rock guitar playing ever, pick up this bad boy.

    You best believe!

    Posted on January 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now