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Taken By Force

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  • .. in my opion atleast. Think about this for a moment, “Taken By Force” is sandwiched between two landmark albums which makes it hard for it to get any credability. “Virgin Killer” is considered by many fans the definative 70’s Scorps album while “LoveDrive” is very important historically in the Scorps career in which they embarked on the MTV route.

    I will admit this upfront, even though i am a fan, i never liked any of their 80’s MTV material too much. It was not that i thought it was bad, it’s not, the 80’s stuff is quite good actually, but it really never appealed to me the way the 70’s material did because it was just too generic and commerical sounding for my taste; simplified riffs and generic stupid lyrics about loving/missing/wanting to be with your “woman” and “rocking out”, almost every other song they wrote was about that. The lesson is that greed is a destructive force, it has the ability to completey ruin great bands (look at Metallica), for the Scorpions it meant abandoning creativity and artistic integrity for the almighty dollar, the damage has been done and can not be repaired, now you can hear “Rock You Like A Hurricane” at almost every sporting event around the country.

    This album was actauly the swan song for the meaningful and artistic Scorpions, it was the last album with Uli Jon Roth, who i feel was the creative nucleus of the Scorps of the old days. The songs are all pretty diverse; basic hard rock, metal, pyschadelic and beautiful ballads all inhabit this dark, moody work of art. It might throw some for a loop if they are only used to the 80’s Scorpions.

    Posted on January 13, 2010