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Taken By Force

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  • I always had LOVE AT FIRST STING from these guys and listened to that alot, but TAKEN BY FORCE really made me love this band, it was this album that showed me the genius of the Scorpions. TAKEN BY FORCE is my favorite hardrock album now, i’v had it for about a year and listen to it all the time. I really think that the 70’s Scorpions with Roth completely blows away the MTV scorpions of the 80’s, for one thing, the music was more complex with albums like VIRGIN KILLER and TAKEN BY FORCE and more sincere instead of the “love,sex,fun,get laid” foolishness of there “succsesful” 80’s albums. Every track is amazing, this album is a work of art and i can’t name favorites, but Uli’s guitar playing is unmatched, the greatest guitar player to ever walk the earth!

    Posted on January 14, 2010