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Tales Along This Road

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  • This is my first Korpiklaani cd and I really like it because it’s full of great energy. It makes you want to get up and dance and just have a good time. The best way to describe this cd is that it sounds like a softer version of Finntroll with more folk music thrown in. Now that’s not a bad thing because they still have that great energy that Finntroll has.

    Half the lyrics are in Finnish and the other half are in English. At first I thought that the English lyrics would ruin the songs because they’re playing Finnish folk music so only Finnish lyrics would work but I was wrong the english lyrics aren’t out of place. The songs that are in finnish have the english translations in the jacket.
    Sometimes the songs seem to get repetitive but that doesn’t bother me because it’s just such a fun cd to listen to. There are 2 instrumentals including the extra track.

    I would recommend this cd to anyone who likes Finnish folk metal like Finntroll. However if you thought that Finntroll was too heavy for you then I would also recommend this cd to you.

    Posted on March 15, 2010