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Tales Along This Road

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  • That’s how I like to think of Korpiklaani. They’re like the little brother of Finntroll. That does not mean that Korpiklaani is not as good as Finntroll. In fact, if you’ve heard and disliked the heavier Black Metal sound of Finntroll’s latest CD “Ur Jordens Djup” then this CD should give you your “Finntroll fix”.

    I wasn’t all that impressed with my last Korpiklaani CD “Voice from the Wilderness”, however this time the music is far more catchy. How I would love to go to a European festival and sing along to “Happy Little Boozer”, which I think is the greatest drinking song a metal band has ever put out!

    “Vakirauta” is another favorite of mine. Really fast, fun and folksy, like some of Finntroll’s earlier works.

    “Spring Dance” is a great folk-metal instrumental piece.

    Finally, “Rise” is a bit less heavy than Vakirauta, starting off slow and then getting faster towards the middle.

    So fear not, metal fan, let it be known that Folk Metal still frolics in Finland!

    Posted on March 15, 2010