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Tales of Innocence: A Continued Anthology

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  • Christian Death have released several live albums, and I must say this is definitely one of the better ones. The sound quality is pretty good, and the track list provides a solid representation of the middle of the band’s lengthy career. The majority of the songs feature Valor’s vocals and some of his best material including “Between Youth” “Believers Of The Unpure” “Will O The Wisp” and “Wind Kissed Pictures.” Gitane DeMone also shines on “Tales Of Innocence” and “Gloomy Sunday”However, there is a fantastic version of “Lullaby” with Rozz at the mic. This version is very dark, slinky, and gloomy, and almost sounds like a studio recording. The only other version of this song that is available is on the “Insanus…” CD and that version has Valor’s vocals and his lyrics. (The original VINYL has Rozz’s version, but let’s not get too confusing here!) Rozz also appears on “Face” and “Look At The Light,” which is a variation on the climatic finale of the song “Only Theatre Of Pain.” At any rate, this is a solid live disc, well worth it for collectors of the Christian Death discography.

    Posted on January 8, 2010