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Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4

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This CD set documents a show at San Jose State during his 2004 tour. In the tradition of the last three volumes of ”Talk Is Cheap”, the CDs are long and low on edits and cost.

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  • Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4 is the latest in a string of spoken word releases by Henry Rollins where a portion of the sales goes to charity. These albums feature very little editing and are a reflection of seeing his live show. As usual, Henry’s observations on such topics as President Bush, the greed of record companies, the Fox news channel, gay marriage, and street beggars are usually spot on. Henry also remains a great storyteller whether he’s talking about confronting a burglar or dealing with an apathetic cashier at a health food store. His self-deprecating sense of humor is also intact. But the biggest reason to check this album out is the last track, “I Can’t Get Behind That.” Here, Henry tells a story about meeting William Shatner where he does a dead on impersonation of the former Captain Kirk. It’s 35 minutes and from about 5 minutes in to near the end, nearly all of it is sidesplitting hysterical. I’ve listened to this track so many times and it never fails to crack me up. As on all of the Talk Is Cheap albums, there is one track that drags at times. In this case, it’s “Unleash the Compassion”, although the part on Passion of the Christ is pretty funny and creative. All told, if you’re a fan of Henry’s, you will definitely enjoy this. If you don’t pick it up, at least check out “I Can’t Get Behind That.”

    Posted on February 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now