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Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt

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  • Not a bad compilation, though it could have been a bit better. How? Well, while a lot of the biggest hits and best cuts are featured, such as WANTED MAN, ROUND AND ROUND, BACK FOR MORE, LAY IT DOWN, YOU’RE IN LOVE, DANCE, SLIP OF THE LIP, CITY TO CITY, I WANT A WOMAN, LOVING YOU IS A DIRTY JOB, SHAME SHAME SHAME, and others, there are some shortcomings on this compilation.

    On a minor level, SHAME SHAME SHAME is “sans intro”, which for me, the mellow prelude is what allows a better appreciation for when it finally kicks off and completely rocks out. On a larger level, I find it ironic that this collection bears the title of one of the tracks from the EP ; a release that has no material from it featured here at all.

    While the 1983 EP may not have been an Atlantic release, nor were RATT (1997) and COLLAGE (1999), but tracks from those latter albums (OVER THE EDGE and STEEL RIVER respectively) made the cut. Seems a “shame shame shame” to forsake the EP tracks, especially (the aformentioned collection’s title) TELL THE WORLD, YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUGH, SWEET CHEATER, and the longer, pre-CELLAR version of BACK FOR MORE.

    However, in spite of these minor flaws that only a Ratt fan might nitpick over, this is a great starter album for those just discovering Ratt. This album, in conjunction with 1992’s RATT’N'ROLL 81-91 (the previous hits collection which DOES feature two EP tracks) makes the best overall collection of Ratt Traxx for one’s library – short of having the entire Ratt catalogue (“Ratt-alogue”?) altogether, that is.


    Posted on March 2, 2010