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Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt

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  • Hey if you like good rock and roll you can dance to, and not the new yell over a loud guitar because it’s stealing all the sound. Then you will like this Ratt cd because it’s got all their best songs, and you won’t get a headache.

    I used to listen to White Zombie, Limp Bizkit etc. Now I know how much they suck compared to 80’s rock. And it will keep sucking until people start returning to the way rock used to be. Rock ain’t supposed to be how angry you can get, we don’t want to hear about your sad life in a broken home, go get some psychiatry for that. Music is supposed to be having a good time, dating women, fighting, and drinking.

    Now it’s all downer music that makes you feel depressed when it’s done. Music is supposed to lift you up and put you in a better mood then before.

    Thank you I won’t be here all week.

    Posted on March 2, 2010