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Tempo of the Damned

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  • I wouldn’t normally use the phrase “instant classic” under any circumstances, but Tempo of the Damned is exactly that. Unlike so many other bands who have attempted to recapture their old magic, for Exodus it actually worked. They haven’t changed a bit, yet somehow that doesn’t make this album sound stale at all. As always, beneath the precision shredding and jackhammer beats there’s a wacky sense of humor that gives the whole thing life and energy. They haven’t given up their demented solos or cartoon-villian vocals in favor of more approachable sound, nor have they regressed into ripping themselves off like some of their contemporaries. Even though the production is much more modern sounding the guitars still have that metallic, edgy tone that just screams “Exodus!!!” from the opening riff. And Steve Souza’s vocals have never sounded more seethingly sarcastic, delving into everything from politics to domestic violence with perfectly crafted, pointedly comedic turns of phrase. He even experiments a little with some growling and a lower singing voice on “Throwing Down” – a hilarious song with a monster groove and a ridiculously drawn-out solo. Like Impact is Imminent and Fabulous Disaster, a few songs stand out above the rest but you can’t help listening to it all the way through. Your Exodus collection is really missing something if you haven’t picked this up yet.

    Posted on March 15, 2010