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Ten 13

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  • i wish i could give this one 6 or 7 stars, cause i gave Red Voodoo five as well. not to take anything away from that album, it’s great, but this one blows everything sammy’s ever done out of the water. from the opening hard-hitting night after Mas Tequila anthem “Shaka Doobie” to the closing love song “Tropic of Capricorn,” Sammy’s guitars rock louder and his lyrics dig deeper than anything he’s ever written before. the word on the album is that it rocks harder than anything sammy’s done in a long time, and this is true, but to me the best part of the album are the ballads. while i enjoyed the ballads on Red Voodoo and Marching to Mars, many of them felt forced and unnatural. this time the ballads flow just as easily as the hard stuff, and my favorite track on the album, “little bit more” is a ballad. i’d never thought i’d say that about a Sammy Hagar album.Now those of you worrying that Sammy’s doing ballads, and he must be selling out, that’s not true at all. while the album does have two or three great ballads, the rest of the album absolutley ROCKS. “Shaka Doobie (The Limit)” is a balls-to-the-wall rocker, one of those songs that you’re disappointed to hear the end, and “Let Sally Drive” returns sammy to the place that made him famous: on the road, driving fast. There’s a fine line between loud and noisy and sammy knows this. On Ten 13, he proves that you can rock the house down, and still have melody, sing in key, and keep the profanities on an only-when-necessary basis. the bands of Mtv could learn alot from him. Up until i heard this album i was hoping for a sammy-van halen reunion. not any more. Sammy, screw van halen, the worst song from sammy’s last three solo albums beats the best song off of Van Halen III. heck i’d dare to say that this album beats most of the stuff Sammy did with Van Halen. So my advice to you is to order this album, put it in your cd-player, turn up the volume, break off the knob, and be prepared to have your world rocked…

    Posted on March 1, 2010