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Ten 13

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  • I am the owner and main force behind a prominent Heavy Metal website. The other workers on the website and I had a brief debate in recent weeks about what former Van Halen singer had the better solo material. While none of us can deny the grandeur of DLR, Diamond Dave’s best work cannot compare to Sammy Hagar’s solo material. If you need proof, buy this album.Shaka Doobie, the first track on the album, is a song that will set the tone for the album, the very meaning in my opinion of an opening song. From there, Let Sally Drive is a very heavy and strong melodic song that got quite a bit of air play for true rock in this, the day of … music being promoted as works of art. Serious Juju, the third track, is an experimental song if you ask me. Juju takes a lot of elements of Rob Zombie, only the good ones, mixed in with Sammy’s brand of hard rock and heavy metal. Very interesting indeed. From there, the Message is a strong sound that sees quite possibly the best vocal performance that Sammy’s given since his Van Halen days. Deeper Kinda Love is also a solid rock song. Little Bit More is the first and perhaps only song on the album that just bothers me. It’s a solid and strong song, but I am not a fan of any song about negativity. Especially if it has to do with losing a girlfriend as I’ve done that once or twice in my life and I’m hoping that I never go through that again. I don’t need to be reminded about how it feels but maybe I put too much thought into that.Ten 13 is a very good song as is Protection. The Real Deal rocks, though is very blues based. I love any song that expresses pride about who and what you are. From there, Tropic Of Capricorn closes out the album. Why isn’t this song on the radio everywhere? That I don’t get. It has enough pop to be played and enough rock to not make real rock fans like myself feel he sold out (unlike Aerosmith.) You often hear someone describe an ugly human being by saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” While the cover of this album may not be great art work in my view, the music is. It’s a good buy, by all means pick a copy up and give it a [try]. It’s worth the price tag.

    Posted on March 1, 2010