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Ten Thousand Fists

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  • I remember when Disturbed first hit the scene with “The Sickness”. The songs I had heard from it were catchy but I never really took Disturbed seriously. The “oh-ah-ah-ah-ah” in “Down with the Sickness” was fun to hear, but laughable at best. I never really heard much from “Believe” so I have no opinion on it but I know fans from the first were less than pleased so I was never inclined to pursue the album. The point is I thought Disturbed was just another nu-metal band that had some catchy tunes but would never stick around long… untill now.

    “Ten Thousand Fists” is amazing. Disturbed is so far away from nu-metal now it’s “sick” and hard to “believe”. The band has matured so much and their music has become much more complex. The vocals are melodic, mellow, and hard all at the same time with decent lyrics. The guitar solos on the album also display this evolution on songs such as the single “Stricken”. The riffs are hard and pounding (I was headbanging on my first listen ever). The riff on “Gaurded” is fast and truly shows the guitarist’s talent. “Overburdened”, a slower, mellower song, shows the band’s maturity. The title track, “Sons of Plunder”, and “Just Stop” are just a few of my favorites, however, there is no bad part of this album. Each song is worth listening to (again and again) in it’s own fashion. From the title and opening track “Ten Thousand Fists” to the brilliant album closer “Avarice” this album delievers a hard, melodic and overall great experience.

    So, looking back, Disturbed went from that band that “had the funny vocal sound at the beginning of that one song” to a really good band. Disturbed is heading in the right direction with “Ten Thousand Fists”. It’s really hard to explain how good this album is, you just need to buy it. Disturbed is miles ahead of the bands they are usually compared with such as Korn and Godsmack. These bands are alright but Disturbed has definately shown them up with “Ten Thousand Fists”. All I know is that next time I’m on Amazon and I see that Disturbed is putting out a new album I’ll hit that pre-order button without hesitation.

    Posted on January 27, 2010