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Terminate Damnation

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  • Four and a half stars

    So you want to become the archetype. Take a look at the back of the CD. See the guys who look like Avenged Sevenfold’s trifling and trendy younger brothers? Still want to become the archetype? And what of this Solid State records business? Alright, let’s just throw the CD in…

    (55 minutes later…)

    Holy metal mayhem Batman!

    I read such great reviews for this album, there was just no way I could pass it up for the price of $9.99, despite my reservations concerning the label and the back cover. I was SURE this must be another mediocre metalcore band.

    Not so my friends. This is metal on many fronts. The album opens with a Transylvanian synth passage before launching into a blast of fury. For a few seconds, you will hesitate, and think all your preconceptions will prove true, but then the dual guitar attack will veer off into a run reminscient of Necrophagist’s or Children of Bodom’s ability.

    Throughout the album, you will hear echoes of Meshuggah, In Flames, Opeth, and many other metal bands, but this band is not simply a clone. And do not be fooled into thinking In Flames “owns” these guys. Nothing they have put out recently matches the intensity of this album, and even at its peak, In Flames never showed this kind of technical musicianship, even if they did write better songs.

    No, one thing you can expect to love about this album is the talent of the band members. Changes in speed, time signature switches, furious blastbeats, tempered rhythms, earth shattering guitar solos, and progressive, complex riffing make Terminate Damnation a truly memorable listen.

    I must add, too, how much I enjoy the acoustic classical passages, which are more disconnected from the songs than the fluidly integrated passages indicative of a band like Opeth. It is obvious these guys are masters of their trades, and true students of their music.

    Rounding out the diversity of this treasure is a stab at epic songwriting, “Elegy”. I find it interesting how the lyrics for this song match those of so many other death metal bands: “Death reigns over the earth, oppressing justice and truth, nations plagued by despair are collapsing hopelessly into themselves”, and yet, this band approaches these feelings from a Christian viewpoint, while most other death metal bands…well…don’t. I don’t really have a point to go with that, just that it’s interesting.

    Anyway, this song is mostly a piece of perfection. The first leg of the track contains some sick death metal progressions (and some dud moments too), before retreating into a depressingly poignant piano passage. The last movement of the track, aptly titled “Triumph”, adds that invigorating Denouement one can expect to hear at the end of any quality, epic track.

    Despite the obvious mounds of garbage hitting the metal shelves these days, the sheer number of bands and the age of the internet have still guaranteed us a constant inlfux of great metal bands. Becoming the Archetype has convinced me it plans on being one of those bands that will forge ahead and blaze the true path of metal. Any metal fan would be nuts not to follow along.

    Posted on March 8, 2010