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Terrible Certainty

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  • I’d never heard of Kreator when I bought “TC” in 1989. Hell, I liked the jacket artwork. A couple spins of the vinyl was all it took to make me a devote to this day. This is a non-stop procession of speed, skill and unbridled metal prowess, withering anything by hair bands of that era ie. “Poison”, “Def Leppard” (yawn), etc. Kreator’s driving, menacing product paints an intricate picture across a canvas of civil unrest, environmental disaster and political corruption. Listen to “Toxic Trace” and I dare you not to bang your head. Go deeper into “No Escape” and “One of Us” and you may be ready for a fist-fight. The record never lets up with its angular guitar progressions, thundering, fluttering kick-drumming and Mille Petroza’s harsh, spitting vocals. If thrash and thunder are your bag, you can not go wrong here. A defining moment in thrash/speed.

    Posted on December 12, 2009