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Terrible Certainty

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  • Kreator’s early beginnings showed the band as a reckless musical unit, inspired by dark groups like Venom and Mercyful Fate, and heavy fast rock acts like Motorhead. their first few albums were crude, but showed a great technical skill and a flair for writing some pretty cool riffs. well, one listen to Terrible Certainty and it becomes perfectly clear why this band has earned it’s place in the pantheon of classic thrash! this album is full of non-stop blistering songs that attack the listener with calculated speed and plenty of whiplash tempo changes. the vocals sound fierce and fit the flow of the speed perfectly. the band sounds tighter than ever before and the production is great! the guitar solos are still kind of raw and don’t always add the kind of depth and melodic drama that most of their American contemporaries would pull off; but the Terrible Certainty solos sound a little bit better than on past albums. one thing i have also always loved about this album is the creepy cover art, showing two rows of skeletal religious figures along a bridge that leads to a towering demon figure with glaring eyes. awesome concept and this cover was the main reason why i bought this album in the first place (well…it was a cassette tape when i first bought this back in the day). this was actually the first Kreator album i ever bought and it remains my favorite to this day. a totally essential and monumentally inspiring thrash album of very high calibur!

    Posted on December 12, 2009