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Terrorist (Nekronaut, Pt. 1)

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  • I put off reviewing this because I refuse to actually listen to “Eine kleine Arschmuzick” (which follows in the footsteps of other non-songs in which Nattefrost expells various bodily fluids) the whole way through, and that makes me question whether I can actually review the CD. On the other hand, it sort of proves once again that Nattefrost could record himself taking a dump and I’d pay money to hear it. “Black Metal Suicide” and “Hellcommander” are okay, “Preteen Deathf***” is kind of catchy, but a lot of this seems like crappy, B-side material and I think Blood and vomit was a better album, and both lack the slightly more memorable guitar work of pretty much any Carpathian Forest album.

    It’s sort of okay if you’re in the mood for a CD filled with hate, sexual depravity, and general wrongness; and if you can get past the blatantly offensive stuff on here (the sound of Nattefrost taking a dump, for example, or “preteen deathf***,” about ****ing a 7 year old girl to death). Also, the back over says “there is no keyboard or female vocals featured on this glorious album. Only crying and death. Join the suicide squadrons, kill, destroy, and commit suicide…..true primitive Norwegian narrow minded elite black metal” which further proves my theory that Nattefrost is not a human being, but rather, a cartoon character. How can he say anything against keyboards when there has been plenty of them in Carpathian Forest? Also, “Dinsadansdjeveldyrkaar!!!” What the hell is that? The lyrics to this are pretty hilarious, though in Norwegian, and it is strangely catchy, though the singing sort of reminds me of Pee-wee Herman. “Satan is Endless” is probably my favorite track.

    Terrorist is clearly the work of someone trying to be as weird, wrong and offensive as possible, and though it has its moments, Blood and Vomit was a better CD. Though I certainly expected the lyrics to be about sex, death, satan, and bodily fluids, I think these are some of the worst lyrics NF has ever written, also. “Pills, poison, semen, snot Blood, vomit, fire, suffer – SATAN – Torture!” It’s just not memorable in any way. Actually I laughed pretty hard at the part about his “grim necropenis” in the first song. I mean, his lyrics have always been on the silly side, but wow, he actually used the phrase “my grim necropenis wants more.” That’s almost good enough to redeem this a bit, but not quite.

    Posted on December 21, 2009