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Terrorist (Nekronaut, Pt. 1)

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  • So anyone familiar with either Carpathian Forest(Nattefrost’s original band) or the first solo offering, “Blood & Vomit” will probably be able to surmise the theme here. It just gets worse. Mind you, I’m not bashing anything, just observing the unravelling of one of black metal’s most adherent practictioners in his unabashed efforts of self-destruction/sexual deviancy. Let it be known that in this day and age, you have to come across violently to be taken seriously in any genre of entertainment, and to be truly extreme would entail tackling the most taboo topics with total irreverance for the reaction; even inviting retalitatory thoughts or actions as the punchline. Senor Nattefrost is old-hat when it comes to this very theme, and this reviewer would place him alongside more well-known boat-rockers such as perhaps Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson when it comes time to delineate exactly how vile and challenging the concepts can become. The music contained herein is possibly more simplistic than the first solo record and even more neanderthal-esque. What is actually worthy of note is the fact that a real human is drumming on this outing, as opposed to the drum programming that highlighted “Blood & Vomit.” Not that it makes any difference. The feeling of misanthropy is still as prevalent as any project Nattefrost has delved into, as is reinforced by the statement of the next and even more depraved album which waits in the wings. If you appreciate older Darkthrone for the negativity and hatred they would bestow upon the metal scene or the pure and senseless violence of snuff films or any of a number or online atrocity sites, this recording will not only slightly entertain you, but abate you in your quest for total and sublime scumminess. Ah, the price of entertainment these days…

    Posted on December 21, 2009