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The Adversary

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  • Knowing all the works by Ihsahn from early “Thou shalt suffer”, trough “Emperor” and finally “Peccatum”, for me, “The Adversary” is better than all of his previous works. And I’m a huge Emperor fan, my fav Emperor album is Prometheus. Thus it took time to grow on me. I’m also a big Peccatum fan, especially “Lost in Reverie”. The Adversary, blow me away instantly, at the first listen. It is a very simple and complex album at the same time. It’s like a journey through an array of multiple metal style (black, prog, heavy, etc), that brought me back thirty years earlier, when I begin to listen to Judas Priest, Rush and then to Mercyful Fate, and so on ’til Black Metal. It makes me feel young. This is the best of the two world (Emperor and Peccatum) with a touch of his classical influence. His voice is wonderful, his guitar play is at the top. His talent as a composer has never been so evident. The last track is perhaps the best song I’ve heard in my life. This is sheer brilliance. Ihsahn is a genius.

    Posted on January 11, 2010