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  • Actually, to use the term “black metal” here would be so limiting, being that Ihsahn incorporates so many musical influences in his solo relaese, from black metal, death metal, progressive and even some tinges of jazz here and there. It’s just a metalhead’s dream, especially for those who were Emperor or Peccatum fans alike. Songs like “Called by the Fire”, “Invocation”, and my personal favorite “Panem et Circenses” showcase Ihsahn’s extraordinary virtuosity with the guitars and keyboards, intricately weaving together delicate combinations of notes and progressions that swirl all at once into the key of “I”! I could imagine that if one note in some of these compositions was off by a hair, the song would be ruined, but tha’s how masterful his writing is! The man’s ability is undeniably present here, and memories of later Emperor can be heard in these tracks, along with his signature scream AND clean vocals. Drummer Asgeir Mickelson provides the perfect drum accompaniment here, as Ihsahn handles ALL other instruments. A must hear from ALL fans of ANY type of metal. Hail Ihsahn!!!!

    Posted on January 12, 2010