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The Amalgamut

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2002 release, this CD is enhanced with the ’Where Do We Go From Here’ video along with the short film ’Plague of a Thousand Deceptions’. Featured tracks include ’Where Do We Go From Here’, ’American Cliche’ and ’The Only Way’ (Is The Wrong Way).Filter’s third album was inspired by a cross-country trip that imbued lead singer Rich Patrick with patriotism and appreciation for both the diversity and sense of freedom he found out on the road. While the recording is purported to be a celebration of that diversity, most of the record hasn’t strayed much from the alt-metal template that Filter cut their teeth on back with their 1995 debut. Here are the same teeth-gnashing rants, scatter-gun drumming, and claustrophobic soundscapes that inhabited their first two albums. Patrick, however, has eschewed much of his trademark bloodcurdling screaming in favor of a lush vocal style that would suit an ’80s New Romantic frontman. Though it’s oddly an industrial band, Filter’s best songs almost qualify as power ballads. The gorgeous melodies and moody lyrics of ”The Missing” (written on September 11) and the psychedelic pop of ”The Only Way Is the Wrong Way” owe more to Smashing Pumpkins than Nine Inch Nails. But even the jarring ”American Cliché” and the ragged, downcast ”Where Do We Go from Here” veer closer to pop than anything that appeared on the first two albums. The Amalgamut ultimately is a sophisticated and intelligent pop-metal hybrid. –Jaan Uhelszki

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  • I Love this album “The Amalgamut” with such my favorite songs american cliche and it will never be the same those are my two favorites by them but the whole album is very good i recomend you should by this

    Posted on December 9, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • truly really honestly, I do. filter is my absolute favorite band. I can’t say it’s because I love ALL their music, cause I don’t, but the single songs I DO love, I love to tiny little crazy broken pieces!!! I’ve been a fan since… about a year ago. I had been hearing “take a picture”, “hey man nice shot”, “trip like I do”, and “where do we go from here” on the radio for ages… I had just never heard the name “filter” before. which is odd, if you think about it. anyways, bought “title of record” first, in the throes of a mighty “take a picture” obsession, as I’m sure at least SOME of you out there have experienced… but then picked up “the amalgamut” after going through something similar with “where do we go” and d’you know what?? it’s good. it is really, REALLY good. as far as sound goes, I’ve gotta say, it’s the best filter work by far. richie’s… *cough* I mean… richard patrick’s voice has improved immensely since the days of “short bus”. not to say “short bus” is bad, it’s just… not as pretty-sounding. well, I still can’t honestly say I love filter for the lyrics, but if you take the time to sort them out, I’m sure there’s some meaning in there… I’m just too lazy to find it myself. “you walk away”, the opening track, has a good hard rock sound, not to mention the coolest techno-y interlude thingy I’ve EVER heard. “american cliche” is equally rock-y, but borderlining annoying. “where do we go from here” is probably the best dark/sick song ever created… totally rocks my socks. “columind” is a teriffically crunchy piece of metal, but I’m just not seeing what’s so great about “the missing”… maybe I just hate ballad-y things… I’m not sure that’s even a ballad, but oh well. “the only way (is the wrong way)” is WITHOUT A DOUBT MY ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE SONG BY ANYONE EVER. yes, even more than jimmy eat world. it’s just so… sunshiney. and cool. v. blue and yellow. hehe. it’s nice ‘n spunky, a little screamy, and just rockin’ enough to fit in with the rest of this album. TOTALLY love it. um… I’m tired, and I wanna go to bed now, and the only other song on this album worth talking about is “god damn me”… just gorgeous. truly. it’s tear-your-heart-out sad, with a “lying on your back in the rain, crying” kind of feel to it… it’s so pretty. well, go out, buy the album, enjoy track 6 as much as I have, and it will be worth every penny. goodnight, ladies and gents!

    -Miss Blue

    Posted on December 9, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Filter’s 3rd album, The Amalgamut is by far the best album they’ve had. It’s so different and diverse that each song has a meaning to it. As you can tell from their title of the track, like Columind, American Cliche, You Walk Away, and their first single Where Do We Go From Here. Geno Lenardo has well improved his guitar playing and the riffs are mad as hell. It’s never been better than ever. Frank Cavanagh seems to be the shag of the band since the Title of Record era. From bald to long hair, he keeps the band up to their feet. Steve Gills drums seems to be my favorite. He has played so well that each record he plays on, I just love the sound. But Richard Patrick’s voice has by far been better than ever. With lots of melody and screaming, it just give me chills to hear Patrick sing or scream. From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I rate this cd a 10 just because it’s one of the best CD’s of 2002 and Filter is still rockin it.

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • …but somewhere along the way he learned to sing as well. Good on him! Patrick’s voice has never sounded better, or the band more cohesive. Still, there are two sides to The Amalgamut. One is pop-station friendly, the other certainly is NOT. “God Damn Me” is a joy to listen to. Right now it is my favorite song on the record. Bittersweet vocals float over an acoustic guitar and drums during the verse, blending into gorgeous harmony during the chorus. People will invariably compare it to “Take A Picture”, but this is better.”Columined” is the other side of this album, a distorted, throat-scraping soundoff on the events at Columbine. I wonder how the man has a voice left at all!Some of the songs seem destined for radio airplay, like the already-released “Where Do We Go From Here”. That and “The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)” are both similar to “Take A Picture” in that they are pleasant to listen to and insidiously singable (meaning you’ll probably hear even tone-deaf people singing them as you cringe in horror).Harder, more adventurous stations might take on “My Long Walk To Jail” or “You Walk Away” which feature crunchier guitars, harder drums, and the trademark skullsplitting vocals. Time will tell.Only the last two tracks seem out of place. “World Today” is wierd and disturbing, like a child in an insane asylum. “I like the world today, I like the world today, I like the world today, when it’s green…And sometimes it’s mean, and sometimes it’s mean, and sometimes it’s mean as can be”. “The 4th” is companion to “World Today”, which is pure aural experimentation. The song (I use that term loosely) is hypnotic and oddly calming but disconserting, as though the musical rollercoaster’s track suddenly left the park, and headed out into the desert.The jumble of styles and sounds on this album is a challenge sometimes, but it is always interesting and ultimately rewarding to follow a band as it grows more skilled and confident. This is Filter’s finest effort so far, and I can only hope the next one comes soon.

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was expecting THE AMALGAMUT to be more melodic than TITLE OF RECORD was, but I was given a pleasant surprise. Although some fans of Filter might find this album not to their liking, THE AMALGAMUT is a wonderful album. It’s been three years since TITLE OF RECORD, and Filter showed a lot of growth with this new disc.THE AMALGAMUT gets things cooking with “You Walk Away” and “American Cliche”, two hard-charging tracks that start the album off nicely, leading into the lead single “Where Do We Go From Here”. That song is one of the standouts on the album, as “Where Do We Go From Here” showcases a great blend of melody and intensity. It’s a moment that makes the album stand above other releases that may seem half-hearted. THE AMALGAMUT doesn’t stop there, though.”So I Quit” and “My Long Walk to Jail” are some of the hardest tracks from Filter since “Hey Man Nice Shot” blew out our eardrums. “The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)” has the same idea that “Take A Picture” did on TITLE OF RECORD: it’s surprisingly melodic, and sort of dance-y. Also, “Columind” and “God Damn Me” are similar to “Where Do We Go From Here”, as both are melodic with a blend of hard-rock thrown in for good measure.The real surprise, though, is the completely melodic and atmospheric eight-minute-plus closing track, “The 4th”. With mumbles from time to time surfacing on certain points during “The 4th”, this track closes the album on a rather light note, but no less intense. It may be disappointing to many fans, but you’ll come to appreciate it in time…if you do.THE AMALGAMUT showcases a great blend of heavy tunes and charging melodies from Filter. They really changed after TITLE OF RECORD, a record which balanced with more melodic rock than heavy tunes. Yet however, TITLE led to AMALGAMUT’s absolutely pure melodies, and this is no disappointment. Make no mistake, Filter are back…and their new disc THE AMALGAMUT is total proof that they’ve got a great knack to make some good rock. Cheers!

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now