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The Amalgamut

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  • I was expecting THE AMALGAMUT to be more melodic than TITLE OF RECORD was, but I was given a pleasant surprise. Although some fans of Filter might find this album not to their liking, THE AMALGAMUT is a wonderful album. It’s been three years since TITLE OF RECORD, and Filter showed a lot of growth with this new disc.THE AMALGAMUT gets things cooking with “You Walk Away” and “American Cliche”, two hard-charging tracks that start the album off nicely, leading into the lead single “Where Do We Go From Here”. That song is one of the standouts on the album, as “Where Do We Go From Here” showcases a great blend of melody and intensity. It’s a moment that makes the album stand above other releases that may seem half-hearted. THE AMALGAMUT doesn’t stop there, though.”So I Quit” and “My Long Walk to Jail” are some of the hardest tracks from Filter since “Hey Man Nice Shot” blew out our eardrums. “The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)” has the same idea that “Take A Picture” did on TITLE OF RECORD: it’s surprisingly melodic, and sort of dance-y. Also, “Columind” and “God Damn Me” are similar to “Where Do We Go From Here”, as both are melodic with a blend of hard-rock thrown in for good measure.The real surprise, though, is the completely melodic and atmospheric eight-minute-plus closing track, “The 4th”. With mumbles from time to time surfacing on certain points during “The 4th”, this track closes the album on a rather light note, but no less intense. It may be disappointing to many fans, but you’ll come to appreciate it in time…if you do.THE AMALGAMUT showcases a great blend of heavy tunes and charging melodies from Filter. They really changed after TITLE OF RECORD, a record which balanced with more melodic rock than heavy tunes. Yet however, TITLE led to AMALGAMUT’s absolutely pure melodies, and this is no disappointment. Make no mistake, Filter are back…and their new disc THE AMALGAMUT is total proof that they’ve got a great knack to make some good rock. Cheers!

    Posted on December 8, 2009