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The Amalgamut

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  • truly really honestly, I do. filter is my absolute favorite band. I can’t say it’s because I love ALL their music, cause I don’t, but the single songs I DO love, I love to tiny little crazy broken pieces!!! I’ve been a fan since… about a year ago. I had been hearing “take a picture”, “hey man nice shot”, “trip like I do”, and “where do we go from here” on the radio for ages… I had just never heard the name “filter” before. which is odd, if you think about it. anyways, bought “title of record” first, in the throes of a mighty “take a picture” obsession, as I’m sure at least SOME of you out there have experienced… but then picked up “the amalgamut” after going through something similar with “where do we go” and d’you know what?? it’s good. it is really, REALLY good. as far as sound goes, I’ve gotta say, it’s the best filter work by far. richie’s… *cough* I mean… richard patrick’s voice has improved immensely since the days of “short bus”. not to say “short bus” is bad, it’s just… not as pretty-sounding. well, I still can’t honestly say I love filter for the lyrics, but if you take the time to sort them out, I’m sure there’s some meaning in there… I’m just too lazy to find it myself. “you walk away”, the opening track, has a good hard rock sound, not to mention the coolest techno-y interlude thingy I’ve EVER heard. “american cliche” is equally rock-y, but borderlining annoying. “where do we go from here” is probably the best dark/sick song ever created… totally rocks my socks. “columind” is a teriffically crunchy piece of metal, but I’m just not seeing what’s so great about “the missing”… maybe I just hate ballad-y things… I’m not sure that’s even a ballad, but oh well. “the only way (is the wrong way)” is WITHOUT A DOUBT MY ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE SONG BY ANYONE EVER. yes, even more than jimmy eat world. it’s just so… sunshiney. and cool. v. blue and yellow. hehe. it’s nice ‘n spunky, a little screamy, and just rockin’ enough to fit in with the rest of this album. TOTALLY love it. um… I’m tired, and I wanna go to bed now, and the only other song on this album worth talking about is “god damn me”… just gorgeous. truly. it’s tear-your-heart-out sad, with a “lying on your back in the rain, crying” kind of feel to it… it’s so pretty. well, go out, buy the album, enjoy track 6 as much as I have, and it will be worth every penny. goodnight, ladies and gents!

    -Miss Blue

    Posted on December 9, 2009