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The Arockalypse

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  • I stumbled across Lordi on DIVX Stage6. As an idealistic and therefore disenchanted Boomer, I’m an unlikely candidate for “death metal”. However, Lordi presents a refreshing paradox. In spite of their peculiar subject matter, these folks crank the Marshall amps with such tongue-in-cheek zeal (and so many pyrotechnics) that I can’t help but like them. Then, when I found myself humming “Who’s Your Daddy?” and smiling in the middle of an otherwise annoying business meeting, I knew I had to buy a copy and rip it to MP3! How could I not support such joyfully in-my-face iconoclasm? When the CD arrived, I was delighted to find that a bonus video was also included. The video clips of Lordi making their way through Athens in full costume are absolutely precious! What a wonderful farce. Rock on!

    Posted on December 31, 2009