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The Arockalypse

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  • When I first saw Lordi’s “Hard Rock Hallelujah” video on music choice, I said the same thing everyone says: a goofy imitation of GWAR. Yes, GWAR is pretty goofy, but Lordi is what we might call MAD goofy. All goofiness aside, though, that song ended up growing on me and I can now call myself a bona fide Lordi fan, having bought the album and seen them at Ozzfest. The main difference between Lordi and GWAR is that you can actually listen to Lordi’s songs. It’s not just an “awful racket.” Virtually every song on The Arockalypse is super catchy, memorable, anthemic, and extremely silly. I can honestly say that I enjoy every song on the album. My favorite is, of course, “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” but other highlights include “The Deadite Girls Gone Wild,” “It Snows In Hell,” “Supermonstars,” and “Would You Love A Monsterman.”

    One notable aspect of Lordi’s music is their choice of subject matter, which covers a number of high-brow topics such as sexy zombies and chainsaw buffets. It’s tough to fault them for it, though, since it’s all done with tongue firmly in cheek. The bottom line is that, once you get over the whole costume thing, Lordi is as legit a band as any other. As many inebriated members of the Ozzfest audience so eloquently pointed out, they’re not hardcore enough to be considered “real” metal any more. But that happens to be just fine by me, since “hardcore” is not exactly the first word I’d use to describe my tastes in music. Unfortunately, despite Lordi’s user-friendly brand of metal, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of them here in the USA. Success for them in this country would involve rewinding the pop-cultural midset about 25 years (not that I’d mind, but it seems unlikely).

    Posted on December 31, 2009