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The Arrival

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  • After “Catch 22″ fell short of its glory, Hypocrisy went into hiding and re-emerged in 2004 with “The Arrival”. They have gone back to the classic melodeath formual with this album, again concentrating on the art of songwriting and mood of the songs rather than experimentation. The soaring guitar melodies, the straight-forward baterry of the drums, and Peter’s anguished high-pitched screams topping everything off. “The Arrival” is the melodic death metal album for a new generation, and is a hige return to form and comeback for the melodeath masters.

    The guitars… utterly amazing! The crunchy classic death metal parts blend perfectly with the double-layered melodies and larger-than life choruses. The main concentration of the album is the power of the songs, and every song will stick to you unlike any death metal you’ve ever listened to, especially the choruses in many of the songs. The song structures follow basic verse-chorus rhetorics with occasional solos, but the songs maintain their freshness with originality, power, and the technical flairs that pop up every now and then. The drums sound huge, as they do in usual Abyss Studios fashion; it fits the music well, adding that much more to the concept that the album is based on… Which may raise a few eyebrows. (The whole album is a concept album about aliens.)

    The album is strong and consistent in its delivery, and won’t disappoint any metal fans. “The Arrival” is definitely one of the better metal purchases of 2004, and is reccommended to virtually all metal fans. The standout songs are “The Eraser”, “Slave to the Parasites”, “The Abyss”, and “Dead Sky Dawning”.

    Posted on March 8, 2010