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The Arrival

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  • This album has some very strong points. I’ll give a brief song description below:

    1. BORN DEAD BURIED ALIVE – Excellent intro, quite alien spooky sounding, giving the listener the urge to keep listening on, then some amazing vocal use for an intro and then…”uuuw” comes in the vocals and a furious, ripping, pounding and utterly chaotic sound at mid/fast speed. Amazing intro track with great instrument and vocal use. 5/5

    2. ERASER – Starts with a creepy yet mellow bass solo, then the guitars and drums come in, and then the vocals. This is a pretty good song and has a very melancholic guitar riff which holds the song together nicely. Slow paced, but suited. 4.5/5

    3. STILLBORN – Starts off with a rhythm guitar solo. This track has a certain type of energy that just drives like a locomotive. Excellent screams. 4.5/5

    4. SLAVE TO THE PARASITES – A mid/slow paced song that gets very emotionally distressed as the song progresses. One of my favourite tracks. Very interesting subject matter and I enjoy listening to this song when I’m angry. Melancholic guitars rule this almost suicidal song. The best vocal use on entire album. 5/5

    5. NEW WORLD – Ok intro, but once the pounding double-kick bass drums come in you’ll be hooked. This is my favourite song on the CD. It has a hard-driving energy chorus which is so perfect in my perception that I wish Hypocrisy would make more songs with powerful sounding choruses. Everything is as it should be on this track. 6/5

    6. THE ABYSS – Feels like it belongs on ‘The Fourth Dimension’ for some reason, but this is an excellent song and a nice flashback to the style used on ‘The Fourth Dimension’. Nice complex drumming patterns and chants to suit a slow paced melody. 5/5

    7. DEAD SKY DAWNING – Starts with some heavy guitars and drum beats…and then the most amazing vocal intro to any song I’ve ever heard. WOW…Hypocrisy have really become a powerful band able to depress and anger anyone who listens to this track (not in a bad way, just a mix of emotions that works so well). Makes you think about what the world will become. This is another favourite. 6/5

    8. THE DEPARTURE – Nice intro, severe screaming…this song would have been an amazing last track, but it is still excellent as second last track. Hypocrisy’s maturity is most present in this song. Absolutely amazing vocals/lyrics/music. Another favourite without a doubt. 6/5

    9. WAR WITHIN – Starts with a very black metal style intro which soon transforms into a heavy chuncky sound, and keeps changing back and forth through the whole song. Vocals are spot on. An excellent last track that lifts your spirit a bit after hearing the melancholic ‘The Departure’. Nice finish.

    The thing I really like about this album is that there are a few outstanding tracks which brings interest and climax to the album as a whole, and those few outstanding tracks will almost never bore, no matter how many times you hear them.

    A must have for all HYPOCRISY fans and anyone who is currently listening to black/death metal, actually chances are that this album will appeal to most metal fans who are after a diverse and wierd yet known subject matter…mostly about humanity and how we are heading towards a dead world. I can’t get enough of the subject and I’m glad their next album ‘Virus’ runs on very similar subject matter and more.

    I would like to thank HYPOCRISY for producing some of the most innovative metal available today. Please keep at it strong, and never give in to trend or fan expectations. Follow your hearts and minds.

    Posted on March 8, 2010