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The Art of Rebellion

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  • I am 36 and have been listening to hard rock/metal since I was only nine. I own more than 1,500 hard rock/metal CDs. I am not bragging here, but rather trying to put things into perspective when talking about this album.

    This whole album is incredible. It’s easily ST’s best, but you got to let it grow on you for a while. This CD contains ST’s best song ever, and one of my top ten songs of all time: “Asleep at the Wheel”. I probably have listened to that song more than 1,000,000 times since this CD came out, and I still close my eyes and sing it out loud EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! It’s a very original song, impossible to describe with words. It’s magical, it’s mesmerizing (By the way, you may skip the first two minutes of the song since they are very forgettable and have actually a different name – “I Wasn’t Meant to Feel This”).

    Another great song is “Monopoly of Sorrow”, especially after the 3:37 mark. This has to be one of the best song endings that I have ever herad. That combination of fast pace acoustic and electric guitars is simply top notch.

    Anyway, get this CD and let it grow on you. You will not regret it.

    Posted on February 7, 2010