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The Artist in the Ambulance

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  • Like many other albums with staying power, Thrice’s third full-length release, “The Artist In The Ambulance,” takes some time to fully understand and appreciate it as the amazing body of work it is. Thrice are easily one of the most original bands making music out there today. Although they seem to be, unfortunately, lumped in with the emo explosion, they are more about fusing melody with classic hardcore and heavy metal influences. Frontman Dustin Kensrue’s empowering words are emphasized by his confident and obviously well-trained vocals. This album is all about the lyrics, and most of what is presented here is of a positive and uplifting nature. Teppei Teranishi is fastly becoming one of my favorite guitarists. He can definitely hang with the best of them and really gives Thrice their signature sound. Everyone who knows of Thrice are more than likely familiar with the two singles, “All That’s Left” and “Stare At The Sun.” The former is a fast-paced anthem, while the latter is a more somber, emotionally charged piece, being one of the many bright spots of the album (and is, incidentally, my favorite of the bunch). The rest of the songs all pretty much fit somewhere in the middle, with the highlights being “Paper Tigers,” “Under A Killing Moon,” “Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask” and the title track. With this album, Thrice have created their best music yet, and have evolved a bit since “The Illusion Of Safety” and “Identity Crisis.” It is also their first major label release, and surprisingly, they come out of everything with integrity intact. Everything you love about heavy music is here. If you like intelligence with your metal, Thrice will be right up your alley. Expect big things for them with their next album, they are too good to be overlooked.

    Posted on March 15, 2010