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The Artist in the Ambulance

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  • Anyone who enjoyed the earlier Thrice releases will also enjoy this one as well. It seems to have a much harder edge to it than the previous releases. With songs such as “Paper Tigers” and “Silhouette”, you not only get to hear the amazing guitar timing, but you also get to experience Thrice’s power. The vocals in these two tracks are structured very differently than other tracks on the disc. “Paper Tigers” is brutal as far as Thrice goes, and it’s easily one of my favorite songs on the disc. “Stare at the Sun”, another well writen song, has a winding bassline that keeps the listener tuned in while the guitars bounce off each other perfectly to create a very catchy song with great lyrics. “All That’s Left” and the opening track, “Cold Cash And Colder Hearts” are also very catchy. “The Artist In The Ambulance” is probably my favorite track, just because of the lyrics, and the delivery. It’s an extremely well written song, and it’s not the kind of song that you stop listening to as the CD gets older… Then again, I really can’t see this CD getting old, highly recommended to anyone who likes Thrice, or other similar bands. I could go on and on about the rest of the CD, and the percussion, vocals, riffs etc. but I believe there are enough other reviews out there for this CD that do a better job than mine.

    Posted on March 16, 2010