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The Artist in the Ambulance

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  • I’ve loved Thrice since Identity Crisis, and it’s relaly awesome to listen to how they have progressed and matured over the years. They have definately not sold out, but some of the songs now have a definate radio-friendly, straightforward approach. Some past songs were mad chaos…they just kept you guessing. This has its pros and cons, i suppose…Here’s a rundown:1) Cold Cash and Colder HeartsThis song isn’t bad…but it is definately the worst song on this album. I just never really got into it…nothing memorable about this one. 2/52) Under a Killing MoonI began listening to this song on over a month before the release of the CD…this song is excellent. Sort of radio-friendly, but the metal is still there. Some extreme guitar work here. 5/53) All That’s LeftI’m sure alot of you have already heard this one on your local alternative radio station. Even so, I just can’t get sick of it. 5/54) SilhouetteClassic Thrice. Major time sig changes…this song rocks! 4/55) Stare at the SunThis song is VERY radio-friendly, but it’s still awesome…reminds me alot of “In Years to Come” on the previous album. The songwriting on this track is sweet. 4/56) Paper TigersOne word: STRANGE. Hardly any lyrics (7 lines worth) yet it spans four minutes. Second worst song on the CD, but just the bizarreness keeps me listenin to it. 2/57) Hoods on PeregrineSome extreme time sig changes to be found here. This song is also strage…but it’s really good. 4/58) The Melting Point of WaxOne of my favorites…I just cant say enough about this one. The part after the first part of the song sends chills down my spine, as does the lead guitar at the beginning of the song. 5/5 9) Blood Clots and Black HolesEven though Metallica is overrated IMO (Go ahead…disagree), the guitar riffs of this one really point back to them. This song is pretty cool…I like it, but it’s not really memorable. 3/510) The Artist In the AmbulanceThis song just doesn’t sound like Thrice…but it’s AWESOME! That’s what I love about them…always trying new things. This is another radio-friendly one. 5/511) The Abolition of ManHard and phenomenol. This song just gets everything right; killer guitar, houling screams, and a rocking chorus. 5/512) Don’t Tell and We Won’t AskThe finale is awesome…definately one of my favorites. Just speechless about this one…the emotion just pours out. Can’t say enough about the talent level of these guys. 5/5

    Posted on March 16, 2010