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The Artist in the Ambulance

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  • I had heard of them from a few people, you know through word of mouth. One day I wanted to go CD shopping, and I bought this CD along with Hot Hot Heat’s “Make Up the Breakdown”.This CD is superior, I must say.I am so impressed.I’m a fan of metal. Not Korn/Papa Roach metal. You know, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. When I heard this CD, the sounds were reminiscent of metal, actual metal. Actual rhythmically diverse metal. Lets just say that I like music that is musically diverse and has something important to say.This CD is fantastic. It’s got so much to listen to. You hear different things every time. The songs are different from each other, and you notice the difference more and more with every listen. There’s uneven time signatures, nice vocal harmonies, intelligent lyrics, and a furious rhythm line (percussion and bass). The guitars are once again, reminiscent of metal. When I listen to a few riffs on this album, I can’t help but think of Master of Puppets by Metallica. That’s how good this sounds. Not only that, the guitars have riffs that harmonize with each other. That’s even sweeter.Here’s my opinion of every song.1. Cold Cash – beautiful way to start. It’s hard, pounding, uneven time. Strings are definitely an addition. Middle of the song gets softer, nice dynamics. Not too many bands use effective dynamics.2. Killing Moon – that Master of Puppets similarity… right here. Wonderful opening riff, catches your attention. Great lyrics, good guitar harmonies. You know… I was thinking… you know how the drums on this song heavily accent the downbeats? I wonder how it would sound if the drums would heavily accent the upbeats instead, and syncopate the rhythm. I’m interested in how that would turn out.3. All that’s Left – I love how the vocals and rhythm section can have separate ideas but still go together. I love the vocal harmonies. What I’ve noticed about Thrice (at least on this record since it’s my only one) they thrive on using harmonies, not only vocally but with both guitars as well.4. Silhouette – probably my least favorite song on the album. But it’s still really good. It’s a bit slow, but still good. It’s kinda overshadowed by the next track.5. Stare at the Sun – MotherF’N wonderful bass line. I’m like… WHOA. Fast tempoed, energetic, especially with that bass line. The highlight of the song, definitely. The bass line is repeated in the chorus but with the lead guitar instead… I love the guitar work as well. Shows that bands now can still play solos.6. Paper Tigers – I hated this song. I didn’t understand it. But i took a look at the lyrics, and it grew on me. All this hardcore screaming was difficult to understand. But the chorus is simply amazing, with the separate vocals, and once again, a killer bass line. It’s such a powerful song, and can easily be overlooked. This song is one of the reasons why you can’t get tired of this album. Because it won’t catch your attention at first, but with repetitive listening, you’ll really learn to appreciate it.7. Hoods – nobody likes this song. But I really do. I think the 8/8 time is fantastic. Good drums, good color to the rhythm by the guitars. Once again, effective guitar harmonies. Man, they sure know how to use them.8. Melting Point of Wax – Definitely caught my attention at first, I love this song. Good lead guitar work in the verses. The chorus is a lot simpler with the instrumentation, but it makes more sense that way. It’s just so impressive.9. Blood Clots – This song is SO metal. It just is. The instrumentation, the pounding drums, the melodic minor riffs. The speeding, muted 16ths of the rhythm guitar. Sweet vocal harmonies in the chorus.10. The Artist – wonderful, wonderful song. Sounds completely different than anything else on this record. Great lyrics… very emotional. Hey, I got really emotional when I heard it. A bit of a poppy sound at the beginning, but they do it so well. Miraculous towards the end… I guess that’s the best word to describe it.11. Abolition – quite a change from the last track. This one is a lot more distressing, once again with those pounding downbeats. There’s a change of time in the last part of the song, and it’s sooooo awesome. Very unexpected, just shows you their superior diversity.12. Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask – This is arguably my favorite song on the record. IT’s so mysterious. Many people overlook it… and especially what he’s trying to say. The lyrics can be easily interpreted however the listener chooses. Just look at the name of the track. It’s basically the rewording of a U.S. military law… thats the first thing I thought when I saw that title, which intrigued me to listen to the song. “we dont need to know”. “don’t we all bleed the same red blood”? It makes too much sense that way, if you know what I mean. Hopefully none of you take that the wrong way, or become offended by it.It’s all in the interpretation.

    Posted on March 16, 2010