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The Autumn Effect

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  • On August 17, 2005 a review was posted by a man with the first name Aaron. The biased, horrible, and very inaccurate review portrayed the band horribly. This review that I am writing is really, I think, creative. In a way that I prove everything he said is wrong while helping costumers see a normal guy’s opinion on the band. And what exactly is so great about them.

    He said:
    “I don’t know how anyone can listen to this and not fall asleep! 10 Years could be a good band if they tried a bit harder, but they’ve got a few major hurdles to overcome before they get there.”
    For one, most people don’t sleep to music. But, I do, and I for one can vouch that every single song’s rhythm is absolutely perfect. The lead singer, Jesse Hasek, has such fine control over his voice and emotions that he is able to go from slow melodical singing, to nice hard, fast melodical singing.

    To say that 10 Years could be a good band if they tried a bit harder is absolutely embarrassing and ignorant. I dare any one person to look up the lyrics of any song from The Autumn Effect and not be impressed. They tried hard on this album and it shows unbelievably well, they are a gifted band.

    With lyrics that include phrases like, “Autumn indicates the death of beauty as we know” or “The taste of absent minded actions outweigh forgiveness” a person would think it would be impossible, but the band manages to do it flawlessly. Jesse wrote the lyrics so any listener could listen and feel like he is talking about them, they’re great, ambiguous lyrics.

    Next to what he said:
    “First, they need to stop emulating other bands, most notably, 30 Seconds to Mars and A Perfect Circle. You’re better off picking up one of their albums, including 30STM’s new one on August 30th.”
    I want everyone who has eyes to read the following, 10 YEARS DOES NOT SOUND ANYTHING LIKE 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Where this man came to the conclusion, I don’t know. Though it is easier to compare a certain band to another in a review, there is no band that can accurately be compared as being a double of 10 Years. The band has their own unique, kick@$$ sound. I’m not going to point fingers, but 30 Seconds To Mars’ album was scheduled to debue against this one until there was a release change . . . there’s a very big chance this may have been an angry fan of 30STM reviewing.

    And what about the Perfect Circle comment, do they sound like them? Well, one song on the CD, and only one sounds a little bit like tool and a Perfect Circle. But in multiple interviews the band has listed both bands (APC and Tool) as making music they love.

    Now, onto the near end of the review:
    “Wearing you influences on your sleeve would be a forgivable offense for a young band if they had any songwriting talent at all. The songs themselves fall flat, and are totally bland and unmemorable.”
    No song writing talent at all? You saw the lyrical phrases, I even dared you to look up the lyrics. This is probably where this man’s review is most innaccurate and embarrassingly wrong. The songs are very innovative, they have a really cool sound and dark vibe while every single song on the album manages to stick with the person who hears it.

    Last part of it:
    “They [the songs on the album] pretty much just plod along predictably, not really making an impression. They never really go anywhere except where you expect, and that’s not what good rock is about.”
    The songs are all but forgettable and ANY song from the album you could listen to and believe it’ll be the bands next hit single. The songs are not predictable at all and this also comes close to being the reviewer’s most inaccurate statement. After all, when you hear the beginning of a lyrical phrase say, “The taste of absent minded actions outweigh” would you really predict the next word was forgiveness?

    I’ve boasted about the lyrics, about the singer’s superb control over his voice, there’s not much more to discuss about the band besides the songs. Obviously you can see I love the band, but what makes me love them so much?

    - The band’s hard rock, none EMO-punk sound that is so rare to hear these days.

    - Jesse’s song writing which allows a listener to think up a memory and say, “I’m going through that right now”. It helps, a lot.

    - Every single song, and I’ve said this before, sounds like it could be the bands next single released over the airwaves. They’re all high quality and they’re all ear candy.

    - The first song on the album, “Waking Up” opens the album up perfectly with hard rock sounds and then the album flows perfectly through to end off with the final nine minute song, “The Autumn Effect”

    This CD and band sends a message, and they’re telling every one they’re going to be here for a long time . . . and you’re going to love every minute of it.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • They are a great band. Excellent vocals combined with very tight instruments. To someone’s previous review… Tool’s music almost started it’s own genre in 1993. Everyone who wants to compare new striving bands to Tool has no appreciation for good music. Learn how to give a great band credit. Definitely worth picking up a copy.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Great band, even better live. So, what other bands can you say are even better live than what they are on their album? None. What would you give a band that is just that? Five stars. Now this isn’t saying that the album sucks, it truly is mind-blowingly good, but them live- Dear lord, it’s like you’ve gone to heaven. But when it ends, it’s like you’ve been slammed into hell. This is a must have CD, it’s really great.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well, I’ll be honest, I’m a psychic, and a musician. And I know, being the psychic and very experienced musician I am, that in five years no one proclaiming to be a rock fanatic can say that they don’t own one CD by this band. Oh, and gecko-sheep will be revealed after an experiment goes wrong in London.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 10 Years really has something going here, and I hope they stick with it. I disagree with the reviewers that say they sound exactly like their influences. A lot of bands sound similar these days, but 10 Years has their own music and definitely their own messages.

    While it’s true to say that people who like APC will probably like 10 Years that’s not to say that 10 Years IS APC because that’s simply not true.

    It was the lyrics that really pulled me in through such songs as Through the Iris and Prey and the melodies, especially in the title track.

    A few songs sound experimental to me, like Half Life, but c’mon, this is a developing band, and this is their first album.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now