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The Bedlam in Goliath

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  • I have had the pleasure of owning this album for 2 days now and, it just keeps on growing on me. I’ve been a fan of TMV since ‘De-loused’ but found ‘Frances the mute’ and ‘Amputechture’ to be a little pretentious. Not the case here. ‘The bedlam in goliath’ runs right out of the gate and does not let up. Before i delve into this review i must confess that i am a huge king crimson fan and an even bigger Tool fan so, TMV fit right in with my musical tastes.

    I didnt even know that this album was out until the drummer in my band texted me and told me so. I immediately jumped out of bed and showered, hopped in my car and drove to coconuts. I proceeded indoors where i found a copy then walked back to my car. Now, as with all new releases i must soak it all in. So, i continue home, pack a battie and pop in ‘Bedlam’. BAM! right away they barrage you with a full on assault of twisted sounds and then cedric hits a register higher than the almighty himself. I am not going to give a track by track review since people seemed to have covered that already. The concept behind ‘The bedlam in goliath’ is, omar was in jerusalem in a curio shop and came across a ouija board which he brought home. The band say they used in night after night and the same spirits would come through. The short of it is, the band claims they were haunted by these spirits which interferred with the making of the record. All hub-bub aside, this is an amazing release and MUCH better than what i had expected from them.

    Also worth mentioning is the new drummer, forgive me for not knowing his name off hand. He manages to out-shine jon theodore in many aspects of the music and feels like an overall better fit for where they seem to be venturing. If your a fan of progressive/space/experimental music grab this album and prepare to shift into hyper-drive.

    Posted on December 10, 2009